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#1 Posted : Wednesday, May 31, 2006 11:57:10 AM(UTC)

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We plan to release Aurigma Image Uploader 4.0 Release Candidate in the end of this week. Here is the list of new features and improvements:

Aurigma Image Uploader 4.0 Dual

Since this version separate ActiveX and Java version of Image Uploader will be united into a single product: Aurigma Image Uploader Dual. Find the information about changes comparing with previous versions.

Both Versions Improvements
  • New demo applications revealing Image Uploader features more thoroughly. Now the following demos are available:
    * Basic Demo Sample
    * User Quota Sample
    * Optmized Upload Sample
    * Photo Order Sample
    * Localization Sample
    * Concurrent Upload Sample
    * Open File Dialog Sample
    * Multiple Descriptions Sample
    * Robust Upload Sample
    * Watermark Sample
    * Server Imaging Sample
  • Demo applications for new platforms are added:
    * Python
    * Ruby
  • Improved documentation.
  • New features in the iuembed.js helper script. Now it:
    * Eliminates necessity to activate Image Uploader controls by clicking them when Internet Explorer security update 912945 is installed.
    * Incorporates ability to detect whether ActiveX version of Image Uploader is already installed.
    * Includes wrappers for new controls, i.e.:
    -- * ThumbnailWriter
    -- * UploadPaneWriter
    -- * ShellComboBoxWriter
    * Includes new members:
    -- * getHtml method - returns HTML code which embeds Image Uploader to the page property (unlike writeHtml that will write this code directly into the page).
    -- * activeXClassID, activeXProgID, javaAppletJarFileName, and javaAppletClassName properties - configures private-label versions of Image Uploader, allowing to use standard iuembed.js with them.
ActiveX Version Improvements

    * New view mode for the upload pane called advanced details list. It displays images as detailed list, displays its thumbnail, and show progress bar during the upload directly in the upload pane.
    * Ability to upload several files simultaneously (several concurrent HTTP connections are established).
    * Ability to upload more than three thumbnails per one image file.
    * Ability to upload files to several URLs in the same upload session. For example, if you have two balancing servers, you can set two URLs that will alternate each other for each POST request in the upload session.
    * Ability to replace Image Uploader buttons by specified images (inside Image Uploader GUI rather than in HTML).
    * Ability to draw text watermark on each uploaded thumbnail. You can configure the text string, font, color, opacity, position, background color, and some other settings.
    * Ability to sort items in the upload list (either manually with drag-and-drop operation or using menu). This way now the user can specify the sequence files will be uploaded with.
    * Ability to delete files after the upload completion. A dialog confirming that the user wants to delete files to the Recycle Bin is displayed.
    * Ability to rotate multiple items from the upload list with a single click.
    * Ability to upload entire folders in addition to separate files.
    * Ability to navigate to arbitrary folder with the GoToFolder method.
    * Ability to work with IPTC fields in the same manner as with EXIF.
    * Ability to set limitation for minimum allowed file size.
    * Automatic photo rotate if it has wrong orientation (based on EXIF information stored in the photo).
    * New controls that enables you to create customize layout, or even build your own upload list:
    * Tooltips are displayed for all GUI elements including the quality meter.
    * Improved user interface accessibility. most operations can be carried out through the keyboard, in particular: image rotating, description editing, etc.
    * Automatic tree view refresh if removable media is plugged or unplugged.
    * Memory-friendly upload for huge files (like video movies, etc). Files are never loaded into memory, but read directly from hard drive.
    * User interface improvements, including:
    * Customizable splitter line.
    * Configurable settings for each pane including:
    -- * Background color.
    -- * Border style.
    -- * Ability to rotate items.
    -- * Ability to edit descriptions.
    -- * An icon in the top right corner of each item of the upload item that removes this item from the upload list when clicked.
    * Minor improvements and bug fixes:
    -- * Drop Files Here text string can be multiline.
    -- * Multiple monitors are handled properly now.
    -- * Now ZIP files are not ignored when a total folder added to the upload list (using Add Folders button).
    -- * Image resolution now is preserved in thumbnails. Note
    -- * Do not confuse image resolution with image dimensions.
    -- * Length limitation for the FileMask property is eliminated.
    -- * Limitation for the MaxTotalFileSize property now is increased to maximum number that 32-bit value can hold (i.e. 4294967296).
    -- * Rotation is remembered if the item is rotated in the folder pane and dragged to the upload pane.
    -- * ...a number of other bug fixes and minor enhancements.
    * Some changes in API and behavior were made:
    -- * These members are obsolete:
    -- -- * CodePage property - renamed to Charset and the syntax becomes the same as in Java version.
    -- -- * EnableRotate property - renamed to AllowRotate.
    -- -- * Layout property - renamed to PaneLayout.
    -- -- * Padding and ShellComboBox.Padding - eliminated. Use HTML formatting instead.
    -- -- * PreviewThumbnailActiveColor property - renamed to PreviewThumbnailBorderColor.
    -- -- * PreviewThumbnailInactiveColor property - renamed to PreviewThumbnailBorderHoverColor.
    -- -- * ShowUploadCompleteMessage property - eliminated. Set the MessageUploadCompleteText property to an empty string to hide the upload complete message.
    -- -- * UploadItems property and appropriate class - eliminated. Instead of this class ImageUploader exposes a number of UploadFileXXX methods and properties that implement the same functionality.
    -- -- * UploadMode property - eliminated. Use the FilesPerOnePackageCount property instead.
    Although all these properties are still working for backward compatibility, it is highly recommend to stop using them.

    -- * These members are completely eliminated and no longer supported:
    -- -- * SignatureFilter
    -- -- * ShowStatusPane
    -- -- * StatusFilesInFolderText
    -- -- * StatusSelectedFilesText
    -- * Behavior changes:
    -- -- * No thumbnails are uploaded now by default. Only original file is uploaded unless you override it by modifying appropriate properties (such as UploadThumbnail1FitMode, etc).
Java Version Improvements
All changes made to Java version are intended to make its API and behavior closer to ActiveX version.
  • New features:
    -- * Add Files and AddFolders buttons in the OnePane layout.
    -- * Increased speed of thumbnail generation.
    -- * More image formats are supported:
    -- -- * BMP
    -- -- * TIFF (partially)
    -- -- * PCX
    -- -- * PSD
  • API changes (all these properties are already exist in ActiveX version):
    -- * Added the AddFiles and AddFolders methods, as well as appropriate buttons when OnePane layout is used.
    -- * Added the AllowAutoRotate property (EXIF-based automatic photo rotate if it has wrong orientation).
    -- * Added the DeniedFileMask property (file mask for files denied for the upload).
    -- * Added the DescriptionsReadOnly property (whether descriptions are editable).
    -- * Added the ExtractExif and ExtractIptc properties (a list of EXIF or IPTC fields to extract and upload as separate POST variables).
    -- * Added the FolderPaneAllowRotate and UploadPaneAllowRotate properties (toggle an ability to rotate images in the folder and upload pane accordingly).
    -- * Added the FolderPaneShowDescriptions and UploadPaneShowDescriptions properties (toggle descriptions in the folder and upload pane accordingly).
    -- * Added the GoToFolder and CanGoToFolder methods (used to navigate folders through JavaScript).
    -- * Added the ProgressDialogPreviewThumbnailSize property (size of the preview thumbnail on the progress dialog).
    -- * Added the ShowSubfolders property (toggles visibility of subfolders in the folder pane).
    -- * Added the UploadFileXXX methods and properties that provides access to files added to the upload list.
    -- * Added new applets:
    -- -- * ShellComboBox
    -- -- * Thumbnail
    -- -- * UploadPane
    -- * The EnableRotate property is renamed to AllowRotate.
  • Behavior changes:
    -- * Tree or upload pane are hidden when the TreePaneWidth or FolderPaneHeight accordingly are set to -1.
    -- * Image resolution now is preserved in thumbnails.
    Do not confuse image resolution with image dimensions.

    -- * Setting all Image Uploader controls (button, check boxes, etc) caption to an empty string hides these controls now.
    -- * AddField property has new behavior when a field with existing name is added. Now it will overwrite old value.
    -- * Proper content type for images now is sent.
  • A lot of other minor improvements and bug fixes.
Best regards,
Fedor Skvortsov
Yang Jian Hua  
#2 Posted : Wednesday, September 22, 2010 5:56:25 PM(UTC)
Yang Jian Hua

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Hi, For the above release note, I noticed that the methods GoToFolder and CanGoToFolder are new added for Aurigma Image Uploader 4.0 like :
-- * Added the GoToFolder and CanGoToFolder methods (used to navigate folders through JavaScript).

I used the ImageUploader3.cab, so is there some other ways to instead of methods of GoToFolder and CanGoToFolder for ImageUploader3.cab?
#3 Posted : Thursday, September 23, 2010 4:45:30 PM(UTC)

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Hello Yang Jian,

Thanks that you posted your question.

Unfortunately, Image Uploader 3 does not support these properties.

You use too old version of this software. I recommend you to upgrade it to the last one (v6.5.19). You can find additional information about Image Uploader 6.x on our site. By the way, new Image Uploader 7 will be released soon.

Please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions.
Best regards,
Dmitry Obukhov
Technical Support. Aurigma, Inc.
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