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#1 Posted : Monday, April 28, 2008 5:29:24 AM(UTC)

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I am using version of the image uploader (both ActiveX and Java Applet)
The problem I am facing is with the user experience for users who need to install the component for the first time.
First of all, it takes the component a long time before it even triggers an activation prompt to the user (sometimes up to 1 minute). In the meantime, the user browser will freeze and sometimes it will remain stuck.

Even if the user gets to the point where he can authorize the activation, sometimes it will take the component a very long time to load. No user will ever wait 30 minutes for something to happen on the page. The user will think that something is wrong and will close the window.

I would like to know if I am doing something wrong.
What is the correct way to embed the component so that it will load as fast as possible?

On a side note, I tried to make the user experience better by hiding the component in an invisible div and only making it visible after it was initialized and ready to use.
I tried to use the
iu.addEventListener("InitComplete", "componentIsReady");
function, but the user experience is still very bad.
Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

Addiontionally, I set a specific div for the component. When the component is loading, and the user sees the Applet Splash screen, the component seems to be displayed outside of the div and it makes the output on the page (next to the div) look bad. Only when the component is ready, does it render itself properly in the div and the rest of the page is displayed properly.
Does anyone know what could cause this?

I am looking forward to any help I can get
Eugene Kosmin  
#2 Posted : Monday, April 28, 2008 12:43:28 PM(UTC)
Eugene Kosmin

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Installation process depends on connection speed. At first Internet Explorer downloads ImageUploader CAB file, which is ~1.1 MB. After that it shows installation prompt.

So you can show some information text to your users, something like: “please be patient while installation process”.
Best regards,
Eugene Kosmin
The Aurigma Development Team
#3 Posted : Monday, April 28, 2008 1:52:33 PM(UTC)

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Even if the browser needs to download a 1.1MB file, why does it freeze the browser in such manner that it never recovers?

At first I tried to time the appearance of the component, but displaying it in an invisible div and only when the InitComplete even is fired, to make the div visible, but it doesn't work.
I used to methods:
1. iu.fullPageLoadListenerName = "componentReady1";
2. iu.addEventListener("InitComplete", "componentReady2");

Method 1 didn't even work. Function componentReady1 was never even invoked.
Method 2 worked and function componentReady2 wad indeed triggered, but even when I made the div visible in that function, the user experience was very bad.
The browser would freeze and it would take forever to initialize the component.

There were cases where Firefox never recovered and I had to kill its process.
I am using Java Applet for Firefox and ActiveX for IE

I would appreciate some technical help and not some generic comment as I paid quite enough money for this component to get a decent help

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