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#1 Posted : Friday, February 1, 2008 2:12:06 PM(UTC)

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With Andrew's help I was able to setup an asp script to perform colorization of greyscale images by using a color passed to the function, however the limitation there is the mill for activex I think does not allow me to have the function also use the passed color's brightness value... or something like that... below is the script I use, can someone tell me if this can be done better with the mill for .net?

also, could someone develop a com component to do this single function for me that I could use from asp that would call mill .net and save the new image to disk?

since this is done once it doesn't have to be super scalable or anything...

I have a budget for this...

here is my current .asp code:

QUERY_STRING = Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING") :QUERY_STRING = replace(QUERY_STRING,"404;","") :QUERY_STRING = replace(QUERY_STRING,":80","") :QUERY_STRINGl = lcase(QUERY_STRING)

strtmpp = split(QUERY_STRING,"/")
upper = ubound(strtmpp)
strtmpp2 = split(strtmpp(upper),"-")
iconstr = replace(strtmpp(upper),strtmpp2(0) & "-","")
color = strtmpp2(0)
filename = "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\library\html.templates\2\images\" & iconstr
filename2 = "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\library\html.templates\2\images\" & strtmpp2(0) & "-" & iconstr
'response.write iconstr & "<br>"
'response.write color & "<br>"
'response.write filename & "<br>"
'response.write filename2 & "<br>"
Dim objFaceBitmap
Set objFaceBitmap = Server.CreateObject("GraphicsMill.Bitmap")

Dim objCol
Set objCol = Server.CreateObject("GraphicsMill.Color")
Dim objPalBitmap
Set objPalBitmap = Server.CreateObject("GraphicsMill.Bitmap")
objFaceBitmap.IsLzwEnabled = True
objFaceBitmap.LoadFromFile filename

If Not objFaceBitmap.Data.IsIndexed Then objFaceBitmap.Data.ConvertTo8bppIndexed
'inputColor1 = &HFFFF0000
Execute "inputColor1 = &hFF" & replace(color,"#","")
objPalBitmap.CreateNew objFaceBitmap.Data.Palette.Count, 1, Format24bppRgb
For I = 0 To objFaceBitmap.Data.Palette.Count - 1
    objPalBitmap.Data.Pixels(I, 0) = objFaceBitmap.Data.Palette(I)
objPalBitmap.ColorAdjustment.AdjustHsl objCol.GetHue(inputColor1), objCol.GetSaturation(inputColor1), 0

For I = 0 To objFaceBitmap.Data.Palette.Count - 1
    objFaceBitmap.Data.Palette(I) = objPalBitmap.Data.Pixels(I, 0)

	response.Status = "200 OK"

			if instr(iconstr,".png") > 0 then
			response.ContentType = "image/png"
			elseif instr(iconstr,".gif") > 0 then
			response.ContentType = "image/gif"
			elseif instr(iconstr,".jpg") > 0 then
			response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"
			end if

objFaceBitmap.SaveToFile filename2
objFaceBitmap.SaveToStream Response
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