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#1 Posted : Wednesday, February 1, 2012 7:19:04 AM(UTC)

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I was wondering if it is possible to make my VM attributes optional. This has to do with validation, but I don't know where to find it. The solution I found on the VM-forum doesn't work, because it is somewhere in the Aurigma code I guess...

Also I was wondering if it was possible to hide the Quantity (& field) on the flypage. I found a solution on this forum (using CSS), but that doesn't work either. I figured out why it's not working: when a photo is selected all default values dissappear, so the quantity box is empty. Therefore it will add 0 items to the cart when the customer doesn't manually fills out this inputbox.

So I guess my actual question is: Is it possible to set default values to the attributes and quantity, which will remain there when a picture is selected? And can I make them optional...?

Hope you can help me out, because I love your component and I want to purchase it, but only if I get it to work the way I want it to.
#2 Posted : Wednesday, February 1, 2012 9:03:22 PM(UTC)

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Hi Danielle,

Thank you for your feedback.
We are considering adding a possibility to use default attribute values to Photo Order. However, we think this can cause inconvenience - if user forgets to change the value from default, uploads images and proceeds with the order - he has no chance to change it, he should create new order.
That is the main reason why this functionality is still unavailable.

As for making VirtuMart attributes optional, could you please describe in more details how do you see this feature? I will pass your ideas to our developers.

I've tried to reproduce the issue with adding 0 items to cart if Quantity field is hidden. I failed, on our test sevrer it works fine. Here are my actions:
  • hide Quantity attribute (CSS display:none),
  • add an Image to upload pane and click on it,
  • select values for other attributes. In my case I used standard Attribute List, after I choose Paper Type, Quantity value is set to 1 automatically, it can be seen in the upload pane
  • click Upload button,
  • after upload is finished go to cart, the item is added.
    Alternatively we can add file to upload pane, set the attribute values and then click Apply to All Photos button. In this case Quantity value is set to 1 as well.
    Please describe your steps, how did you get 0 itmes in your cart?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Best regards,
    Pauline Shirykalova
    Aurigma Technical Support
    #3 Posted : Thursday, February 2, 2012 10:56:08 AM(UTC)

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    Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for your reply. I'll try to explain what I'm trying to accomplish. I do not offer an online printservice (as opposed to most of your users), I want to offer an online photo editing service. So when a picture is uploaded the customer has to specify his needs, like 'remove red eyes', 'crop' etcetera.

    In case a customer doesn't need the red eyes fixed, it would be the most convenient solution if he doesn't have to do anything. Now he is required to fill in the field / choose the option 'do not edit', which makes it less userfriendly. This is why I would like to make these attributes optional: if a customer doesn't need it, he leaves the field blank (or leaves it set to the default option 'do not edit').

    Is it possible for me to adjust the form validation somewhere, so my customers can decide for themselves which attributes they want, instead of filling out every attribute field for validation purposes? This would make a default option possible aswell I guess...

    About the 0 items in the cart: I did exactly the same as you did, only I used my own product and my own attributes. However, this product is nothing more than your original product, I only changed it's name, description, price and attributes.
    When I select a photo in the left area, all attribute fields turn empty, the quantity field included. After setting all attributes, the quantity field remaines empty, I have to manually set it to 1, or else my photo won't be uploaded and added to cart (because of the empty quantity field, which means 0).

    In my photo editing shop the quantity should always be 1, so this field isn't nescessary. I was wondering if I could 'hard code' it to 1, so I can skip this field alltogether.

    Thanks in advance!

    #4 Posted : Friday, February 3, 2012 3:48:04 AM(UTC)

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    Hi Danielle

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I've attached the updated photoorder plugin to this post. There are two new options added in the preferences dialog:

    All attributes required - whether all attributes should be specified before uploading files or not.

    First value as blank - Specifies how we treat the first attribute value. When the option is enabled, the first value does not appears in the order details and does not considered as a valid value when "All attributes required" option enabled.

    Now you can whether disable "All attributes required" or disable "First value as blank" and specify "Do not edit" as a first attribute value. Should work in both cases. Please try and tell us how it is work for you.
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