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#1 Posted : Tuesday, December 11, 2007 3:59:40 PM(UTC)

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I am using the trial version of image uploader version in ff 1.6.

When i upload the file size is always 2Kilobytes and nothing gets uploaded,but it completes without errors.

Activex version works without any issue.

Any solution wil be of great help.


<script type="text/javascript">
function ImageUploader1_UploadFileCountChange() {
//Create JavaScript object that will embed Image Uploader to the page.
var iu = new ImageUploaderWriter("ImageUploader1", 496, 600);
//For ActiveX control full path to CAB file (including file name) should be specified.
iu.activeXControlCodeBase = "/ImageUploader4.cab";
iu.activeXControlVersion = "4,5,70,0";
//For Java applet only path to directory with JAR files should be specified (without file name).
iu.javaAppletCodeBase = "/";
iu.javaAppletCached = true;
iu.javaAppletVersion = "";
iu.showNonemptyResponse = "off";
//Configure appearance.
iu.addParam("PaneLayout", "TwoPanes");
iu.addParam("TreePaneWidth", "140");
iu.addParam("ShowDescriptions", "false");
iu.addParam("ButtonSendText", "Upload");
iu.addParam("ShowDebugWindow", "true");
iu.addParam("AllowRotate", "true");
iu.addParam("BackgroundColor", "#ccccff");
iu.addParam("PreviewThumbnailSize", "80");
iu.addParam("ButtonSelectAllText", "Check All");
iu.addParam("ButtonDeselectAllText", "Uncheck All");
iu.addParam("CheckFilesBySelectAllButton", "true");
iu.addParam("AllowLargePreview", "true");
iu.addParam("FileMask", "*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.gif;*.bmp");
iu.addParam("FilesPerOnePackageCount", "1");
iu.addParam("AutoRecoverMaxTriesCount", "5");
iu.addParam("AutoRecoverTimeOut", "5000");
iu.addParam("MaxFileCount", "<%= @maxlt %>");
iu.addParam("MaxFileSize", "0");
iu.addParam("MaxTotalFileSize", "0");
iu.addEventListener("UploadFileCountChange", "ImageUploader1_UploadFileCountChange");

iu.addParam("PaneBackgroundColor", "#ffffff");
iu.addParam("BackgroundColor", "#ffffff");
iu.addParam("PreviewThumbnailBorderColor", "#eeeeee");
iu.addParam("PreviewThumbnailBorderHoverColor", "#f8b330");

iu.addParam("MessageUploadCompleteText", "Photos have been added to your <%= h(sp(@album.name,25)) -%> album.");
iu.addParam("MessageUploadCancelledText", "Photo upload cancelled.");
iu.addParam("MessageUploadFailedText", "Photo upload failed , please try again.");
iu.addParam("MessageNoResponseFromServerText", "Connection to <%= $server %> was dropped, please try again");
iu.addParam("MessageNoResponseFromServerText", "No response from <%= $server %>, please try again");
iu.addParam("MessageBoxTitleText", "Facetplay Uploader");

//Configure thumbnail settings.
iu.addParam("UploadThumbnail1FitMode", "Fit");
iu.addParam("UploadSourceFile", "false");
iu.addParam("UploadThumbnail1Width", "1024");
iu.addParam("UploadThumbnail1Height", "1024");
iu.addParam("UploadThumbnail1JpegQuality", "75");
iu.addParam("UploadThumbnail1ResizeQuality", "High");
iu.addParam("UploadThumbnail1FallbackMode", "SourceFile");
iu.addParam("UploadThumbnail1Watermark","ImageUrl=<%= $server %>public/images/favicon.png;ImageWidth=86;ImageHeight=63;" +"Position=TopRight;Opacity=50");
//Configure URL files are uploaded to.
iu.addParam("Action", mupld?alid=<%= @album.id %>")
//Configure URL where to redirect after upload.
iu.addParam("RedirectUrl", mupld_red?alid=<%= @album.id %><% if params[:sid] %>&sid=<%= params[:sid] %><% end %><% if params[:to_facet] %>&to_facet=<%= params[:to_facet] %><% end %>")
//Tell Image Uploader writer object to generate all necessary HTML code to embed
//Image Uploader to the page.
document.getElementById("table").innerHTML = iu.getHtml();



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Alex Makhov  
#2 Posted : Wednesday, December 12, 2007 6:12:39 PM(UTC)
Alex Makhov

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I have answered you in a PM.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Makhov

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