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#1 Posted : Friday, October 2, 2015 6:34:55 AM(UTC)

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Trying to get this thing to work still. Can't figure out how to get a remotely useful message back to troubleshoot with. Right now I am getting this one: "Uploader encountered some problem. If you see this message, contact web master."

I set the DebugScriptLevel to 3 and got this:
1.Start apply uploader init object.

2.Finish apply uploader init object.

3.[htmluploader_trace] [INFO] Version:; Build date: 2015-9-7

4.Start control re-initialization.

5.Reinit control properties.

6.Reinit converters.

7.[htmluploader_trace] [WARNING] Not implemented.

8.Reinit files API.

9."getActualVersion" is undefined.

10."undefined" is undefined.

11."getActualReleaseDate" is undefined.

12."undefined" is undefined.

13.Reinit metadata.

14."setMetadataValueSeparator" is undefined.

15.Creating methods.

16.Control re-initialization completed.

17.[htmluploader_trace] [WARNING] Not implemented.

18.[htmluploader_trace] [WARNING] Not implemented.

19.[htmluploader_trace] [WARNING] Not implemented.

20.[htmluploader_trace] [WARNING] Not implemented.

21.[htmluploader_trace] [INFO] Starting upload...

22.[htmluploader_trace] [INFO] Applying converter { index: 0, mode: *.*=thumbnail, thimbnailFitMode: fit, thumbnailWidth: 1500, thumbnailHeight: 1500, thumbnailBgColor: #ffffff, thumbnailCopyExif: true }

23.[htmluploader_trace] [INFO] Applying converter { index: 1, mode: *.*=thumbnail, thimbnailFitMode: fit, thumbnailWidth: 600, thumbnailHeight: 600, thumbnailBgColor: #ffffff, thumbnailCopyExif: false }

24.[htmluploader_trace] [INFO] Applying converter { index: 2, mode: *.*=thumbnail, thimbnailFitMode: fit, thumbnailWidth: 175, thumbnailHeight: 175, thumbnailBgColor: #ffffff, thumbnailCopyExif: false }

25.[htmluploader_trace] [WARNING] Package upload error
{ errorCode: 6, errorMessage: " [0]", responseText: "" }

Is there any way, at least during development, to get a message back that points me in a direction other than "complete stab in the dark?"


#2 Posted : Friday, October 2, 2015 10:52:13 PM(UTC)

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Hi Mike,

I agree that the console log looks a bit cryptic. We will see if we can make it clearer, but meanwhile, you can use one of these approaches:

1. Use the Network tab of the Developer Tools (F12) in Chrome (or its equivalent in other browsers).
2. Add the error event handler and use its arguments to get more details.

This is a part of a code I use internally (based on jQuery). It is supposed that you have a div with id "warning". When the upload breaks, the uploader displays the error info there.


  var displayWarning = function(message) {
    $("#warning").append($("<div>").attr("onclick", "$('#warning').hide();").addClass("btn btn-" + severity).html("<span class='glyphicon glyphicon-remove-sign'></span>"));

  // ...

    var u = $au.imageUploaderFlash($.extend(initialSettings, {

      // other settings 

      events: {
        // other events 

        error: function(code, httpCode, httpResponse, additionalInfo) {
          var output = $("<span>").text(httpResponse);
          displayWarning("Aurigma error #" + code + ". " + additionalInfo + " [HTTP code " + httpCode + "]<br/><h3>HTTP Response:</h3> <br/><pre>" + output.html() + "</pre>");

Hope this helps.
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